2017 Participating Wineries

The 2017 Connecticut Wine Festival is here! Here is a list of participating wineries (please note that two of the wineries will only be sampling one wine):

Bishops Orchards Winery
Brignole Vineyards
DiGrazia Vineyards
Holmbergs Orchard and Winery
Hopkins Vineyard
Jonathan Edwards Winery
Jones Winery
Miranda Vineyard
Paradise Hills Vineyards
Priam Vineyards
Savino Vineyards
Sharpe Hill Vineyard
Staehly Farm Winery
Sunset Meadow Vineyards
Taylor Brooke Winery
White Silo Winery


2015 Winery List

The list is complete…the following wineries will be at this year’s festival… Bishop’s Orchard Winery Priam Vineyards Jonathan Edwards Winery Sharpe Hill Vineyards Miranda Vineyards Hopkins Vineyard Paradise Hills Vineyards Taylor Brooke Winery Jones Farm Winery Sunset Meadow Vineyards DiGrazia … Continue reading